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China Textile Machinery Association (CTMA), established on May 19, 1990, is a corporate body approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC. It is composed of China’s textile machinery and accessories manufacturers, institutions and persons, with 685 members and 10 professional committees.

    CTMA offers a full range of services to government agencies and enterprises on industrial planning, technology development, marketing and information. Meanwhile, CTMA undertakes textile machinery exhibitions held both at home and abroad, organises delegations to visit various shows abroad for market investigation and technical exchanges. CTMA is a P member of the International Organisation for Standard (ISO/TC72). It handles the secretariat work of China’s National Technical Committee on Textile Machinery and Accessories Standardisation Administration (SAC/TC215) and acts as the industrial administration centre for China’s textile machinery and accessories’ international standard. The National Textile Machinery Quality Supervision and Test Centre under CTMA is China’s only state-level centre of this industry, which provides services such as quality inquiry and product testing etc..

    CTMA owns the magazines Textile Machinery and China Textile Machinery information, the official website www.ctma.net and official Wechat ”China Textile Machinery Association”. CTMA has also established the online statistics reporting system for state textile machinery industry. CTMA issues a large number of literature for science and technology for the industry every year. CTMA offers consultant services..

Scope of service

scope of Services

1.Investigate, collect and sort out the basic information of the whole industry. Submit the proposals to the state government in terms of the planning, economic and technology policy, technical standards and economy legislation for the industry.

2.Study and research the development trends of the domestic and overseas markets, summarize and exchange continuously the experiences of the management-system-reform and establishment of the modernizing for the industrial enterprises. Accelerate the advancement of the industry.

3.Impulse the readjustment progress of the industry regime, coordinate the economic and technical relations between the various enterprises in the industry, carry out the interchanges and spreads of the advanced method of management and scientific research results, promote the industrial technology progresses and improve the industrial management standard.

4.Provide the consulting service and information exchange for enterprises, issue the industrial publication and give the members the priority supplying of worldwide information regarding the technology, economic and market etc., offer the guidance to the enterprises for their management and operation.

5.Organize the various training in the field of management, marketing, science and technology for members in order to improve the quality of enterprises.

6.Establish the closed relations with international non-government organizations such as textile machinery manufacturer association, carry out the international technical and economic cooperation and interchanges, sponsor and participate in the textile machinery exhibition in China and overseas, carry out the assistance to enterprises in the activities of import and export, foreign capital introduction and utilization, advanced technology introduction and utilization, and unify the standpoints of enterprises at the initial stages.

7.Make recommendations to the enterprises after surveying and analyzing the taxations and product price which implementing in the industry. Supervise, coordinate and monitor the product prices appointed between enterprises so to encourage the fair competing and protect the interests of enterprises.

8.Organize to constitute the industrial regulations and conventions, and supervise the enterprises activities in according with the regulations and conventions.

9.Participate in the social public welfare activities. Organize and develop the public welfare and other activities in the industry. 

10.Undertake the various tasks entrusted by government, enterprises and other organizations. 


ITMA ASIA + CITME is a combined show made up of two leading events - ITMA ASIA and CITME (China International Textile Machinery Exhibition). CEMATEX is the owner of the ITMA ASIA show which was launched in 2001, followed by a second show in partnership with JTMA (Japan Textile Machinery Association) in 2005, both of these events being held in Singapore. CEMATEX is also the owner of the ITMA show which has been held in various European locations every 4 years since its launch back in 1951. 

The CITME show (owned by CTMA, CCPIT-Tex and CIEC) was launched in 1988 and has to date been held every two years in Beijing, PRC, the 10th edition being held there in October 2006. The two show owners signed a long term co-operation agreement in April 2006, starting with a combined textile machinery show which was held in China in July 2008. Since 2008, the combined show known as “ITMA ASIA + CITME” has been held in Shanghai, scheduled to take place every two years. 

Taking off in Shanghai, the milestone event features the unique strengths of the ITMA brand and China's most important textile event -CITME. This move to combine the two shows into one mega high-quality event is strongly supported by all nine CEMATEX European textile machinery associations, CTMA (China Textile Machinery Association) and JTMA (Japan Textile Machinery Association).  The 8th combined exhibition will be held from 20 to 24 November 2022 at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai.

For more information please vist WWW.CITME.COM.CN

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